May 20, 2024


Future Depends on What You Do

What are the benefits of turning out to be a sustainable enterprise?

Extreme weather caused by climate change is already lowering crop yields and increasing water scarcity. And it risks disrupting supply chains and raising the price of raw materials.

Without a healthy planet, you can’t have a healthy business. Making the shift to sustainability makes business sense, giving companies a chance to help address the root causes of climate change while simultaneously building their own resilience to its impacts and delivering competitive growth.

What is business sustainability?

Business sustainability is when a company conducts its business without harming people or planet, safeguarding its future business in the process.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting nature and delivering social governance are all ways that businesses can make the shift towards sustainability.

Unilever’s purpose is to make sustainability commonplace, via our business model, the products and solutions we promote and the influence we have on wider modern society. We also imagine that a actually sustainable small business does not just target on restricting damaging impacts: businesses ought to also goal to create good impacts where by doable. By defending and regenerating mother nature, for case in point, firms are not only reducing emissions and bringing back biodiversity, they can also help area communities by encouraging smallholder farmers to use far better farming methods that reward people today and earth.

What are the positive aspects of a sustainable company model?

Sustainable corporations are long term-in good shape. Corporations that embrace sustainability are exhibiting management in tackling local climate alter and getting in advance of the curve of carbon taxes. They are doing the job to fulfill shopper needs, even though boosting efficiency and perhaps reducing costs.

Right here are four techniques a sustainable company product can equal financial development.

  1. Leading the charge

    Smart companies are recognising the opportunities presented to early adopters of business sustainability. A 2023 report by Deloitte
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    showed 84% of business leaders concur that international economic advancement can be realized although also reaching weather alter objectives and 75% say their organisations have improved their sustainability investments around the earlier 12 months, indicating a possible groundswell of action inside of market.

    Companies building the shift to a sustainable company product now have a chance to mark them selves out as leaders in the area, fairly than threat remaining left behind.

  2. Meeting customer demand from customers

    Customers today expect transparency, responsibility and action from the brands and companies they buy from. According to Kantar’s Who Cares, Who Does
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    2023 report, 22% of homes are actively generating far more sustainable buying choices and ‘eco-active’ people are well worth an believed $456 billion (€426 billion) to the speedy-transferring purchaser items sector.

  3. Generating operational efficiency

    Becoming more sustainable usually demands that businesses significantly change their manufacturing processes, supply chains and other aspects of their business model. The actions undertaken, such as switching to cleaner and smarter energy, saving water and reducing journeys travelled, can also lead to greater efficiency.

    Research by McKinsey and Co
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    located that executing new policies to deal with source efficiencies could, in certain cases, positively have an impact on a business’s operating earnings by up to 60%. At Unilever, we have avoided prices of all around €1.5 billion from our electricity and h2o effectiveness actions because 2008.

  4. Creating progress by intent

    There’s clear evidence to suggest that being purposeful can help companies attain growth, while also serving as a future-minded sustainable business strategy. A study from Kantar
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    identified that intent-pushed companies grew by 175% involving 2008 and 2020, as opposed to just 70% progress for low-objective manufacturers.

    The Unilever Compass
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    is intended to assistance expansion, to align all our goods with very clear environmental and social rewards, and to support make sustainable dwelling a lot easier and commonplace for every person.

Why we’re collaborating to make change

For several businesses, Unilever bundled, a significant component of our environmental footprint is generated outside the house our individual operations, so functioning in isolation will not support cut down our impression at scale. But by strategic partnerships, we can accelerate the transform that is needed to shift to sustainability and supply better economic certainty for us all.

Unilever is operating with a extensive selection of stakeholders to support safeguard and restore biodiversity and deal with climate modify, from jurisdictional landscape projects using functional motion on the ground, to our Provider Local climate Programme helping suppliers who add most to our footprint to go ahead with their local weather journeys.

We also work in coalition with intercontinental boards this sort of as the World Financial Forum’s (WEF) Alliance of CEO Local climate Leaders which advocates ambitious action on local climate alter throughout the non-public sector, and we are desirable for project developers, co-funders and innovators to spouse with us to accelerate answers through Unilever’s Climate & Nature Fund.