September 23, 2023


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Q&A: JA Solar discusses added benefits of its DeepBlue 4. X n-form module

JA Solar stated the module’s increased bifaciality delivers enhanced success for utility-scale vegetation. Picture: JA Solar.

Earlier this 12 months, JA Photo voltaic released its first n-type PV module, accessible in three variants and suited for household, business and utility-scale applications.

Centered on 182 wafers, the DeepBlue 4. X is the consequence of intensive investigate and advancement, with JA and certification enterprise TÜV NORD carrying out a one-12 months electrical power generate examination to validate the power era efficiency of the product or service.

Tang Kun, director of the company’s product know-how section, mentioned the rewards of the new module and the hottest PV technologies tendencies with PV Tech.

What sets the DeepBlue 4. X aside from your opponents?

Tang Kun: DeepBlue 4. X applies the most superior passivated speak to cell know-how (Bycium+) and JA-patented GFI (gapless adaptable interconnection) technological know-how, making it the most aggressive n-type module solution in the current sector.

As a end result of quite a few several years of considerable R&D and exploration, the product delivers enhanced energy and performance, raising the former by 5-10W (in the circumstance of the 182-72c variation) and the latter by .4%.  Combined with reputable quality assurance, DeepBlue 4. X can provide improved ability plant revenue for prospects.

Which marketplaces is it most suited for?

Deepblue 4. X has a extensive array of purposes due to its excellent performance across a assortment of situations. For instance, its remarkable temperature coefficient allows improved electricity generation overall performance in ability plants with bigger ambient temperatures, its greater bifaciality delivers improved effects for utility-scale crops and its fantastic weak light-weight response also boosts a plant’s powerful functioning time.

We also have numerous products and solutions for unique application situations. 182-54c modules (black and white) are developed for the household rooftop sector, with the 72c and 78c modules more suited for industrial rooftops and utility-scale projects. This adaptability will make Deepblue 4. X acceptable for most markets all-around the environment, providing a lot more significant and dependable returns for clients.

What module know-how developments has JA discovered transferring ahead? What is likely to be dominant in 2025, for instance?

A range of mobile technologies are at present showing up on the industry, these types of as TOPCon, HJT, back again get hold of and even perovskite technological innovation, as perfectly as high density know-how, BOM product innovations and innovative designs tailored for precise scenarios.

JA has usually considered the basic requirements of clients as its obligation, consistently checking out new mobile and module technologies to lessen the price for every watt of electric power and enhance the extensive-term security of energy plants. The company also actively conducts R&D into other shopper prerequisites these as aesthetics, lightweight and inexperienced products.

We imagine that the upcoming sector will current a wide variety of technologies, every looking for to differentiate alone from the others and evolve to fulfill the altering demands of customers.