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International Air Cylinder Wheels is Acquiring Future-Generation Wheel Technological innovation, Presenting Eco-Pleasant Added benefits, and is Up to 60% More Inexpensive Around the Wheel’s Life span Than Highly Pollutive Rubber Tires

Enhancing on its by now distinctive wheel engineering, Air Suspension Wheel (ASW), World Air Cylinder Wheels®️, (https://globalaircylinderwheels.com/), is continuing to acquire the upcoming technology of wheels for many industries, supplying revolutionary environmental benefits, fuel preserving, emission reduction, and EV battery extension.

Global Air Cylinder Wheels

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Made largely out of metal, ASW is an eco-pleasant, more powerful, and safer alternative to the remarkably pollutive classic rubber tire and is up to 60% far more cost-effective in excess of the lifetime of the wheel. 

The ASW combines an internal metal hub with an outer metal drum which is connected by 8 or twelve nitrogen-stuffed air cylinders and up to six oil-stuffed dampers that supply suspension and damping. On the outer drum, separately bolt-on metal or polyurethane treads are equipped. These personal treads can be replaced without taking away the wheel, a time-consuming approach that takes up to eight hrs with OTR rubber tires.

Believe of it as the wheel of the long term…out there now.

The Phoenix-primarily based engineering company’s wheel technological innovation has a lot of intriguing rewards. Shedding rubber means no more overheating tires or harmful explosions that can be associated with regular tires. When rubber heats up, if the warmth is not dissipated, it builds up, raising the tire’s tension and becoming a troubling safety problem.

Then there is the environmental impact of ASW. Outdated rubber tires are usually buried or burned, releasing damaging chemical substances and large metals into groundwater and air. Tires also conclusion up in landfills throwing away room or filling up with drinking water, creating a breeding floor for sickness-carrying pests these types of as mosquitoes.

“Lots of industries operate under position quo, resistant to modify,” said Dr. Zoltan Kemeny, president and CEO of World Air Cylinder Wheels. “Businesses that are hesitant to innovate will not endure. These corporations that do adopt new technologies and embrace innovation will prosper. Tire use and its negative environmental impact will change inevitably. Governments are setting up to mandate adjust on tire disposal and this is already accelerating our technology’s adaptation into the sector. We offer a breakthrough multi-vertical high-opportunity technologies. For close-buyers, it solves a real dilemma. For buyers, it presents them a unique prospect to spend in an old current market.”

Noteworthy functions and advantages of the ASW include:


  • Mechanical wheel design can be altered to the payload, pace, sideload, sizing, bodyweight, and other necessities.
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  • No overheating.
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  • Safer — are not able to explode.
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  • Considerably less waste. Only the part that wears off will be replaced.
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  • Much more sustainable components.
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  • Tire wear results in awful fine dust whilst the treads of the ASW can be built with biodegradable resources.
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  • Gasoline saving. Decreased rolling resistance leads to a lot less fuel which minimizes poisonous emission gases or extends higher battery assortment for EVs.
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  • Lifetime wheel – long lasting roughly 10-15 a long time.
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  • Breaking power gets saved in the cylinders and receives returned to kinetic electricity.
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  • 100% recyclable.
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The ASW technological know-how has a sturdy patent portfolio with 8 granted, and with 52 patents pending. The enterprise has received numerous original order orders and is predicted to be thoroughly commercialized inside of two several years with immediate adoption into mining fleets.

Mining is an marketplace that takes advantage of and disposes of rubber tires at an alarming price. Rubber tires are pricey and account for the mining industry’s major cost with each other with fuel and payroll. Rapid dress in and tear brought about by impacts, rock cuts, and extraordinary and uneven loading necessarily mean the lifespan of an high-priced mining tire is small.

With more than 35,000 open-pit mines globally, the variety of environmentally harmful tires disposed of each yr is staggering. A review published in the Worldwide Journal of Environmental Study and Community Well being, approximated that tires account for as substantially as 10% of general microplastic waste in the world’s oceans. A report by the International Union for Conservation of Nature elevated that quantity to 28%.

The ASW is strong and made to have the identical lifespan as the automobile itself, (close to 10-15 a long time), meaning less substitution prices and significantly less time invested swapping out broken tires. The ASW can turn out to be aspect of the automobile and has the prospective to come to be a funds asset. As opposed to rubber tires, the ASW can be leased, with a 15% residual benefit immediately after 10 several years of provider. They can also be refurbished and leased again.

“We are setting up to have a commercially prepared solution for the mining current market in Q1 2023 the place the will need is most urgent,” Kemeny said. “Then followed by above-the-road applications these types of as automobiles, buses, and trucks. We are also wanting to begin developing other verticals upcoming yr.”

He additional that the other verticals could include things like design, bicycles, plane, military services, and any other automobile with wheels.

Inspired by the final results of its previous $3.3 million marketing campaign, the firm has relaunched its StartEngine marketing campaign — https://www.startengine.com/gacw  — to even further evolve its ASW technology. The a few-thirty day period StartEngine marketing campaign, which finishes in Oct, is presently off to a quickly begin raising $238,000 in the initial thirty day period. Over-all, the company has lifted much more than $5 million from buyers so much and the firm’s valuation has elevated from $27 million to $40 million considering that Could 2022. 

“Large acquire orders are envisioned to create our earnings streams,” Kemeny stated.

He additional that GACW orders will be for vehicles and loader wheels. Loaders have 4 wheels and vehicles have six, making respective revenues of $600,000 per loader and $900,000 for each truck on normal. As a normal mine has 60 automobiles requiring 480 tires at $150,000 per wheel original fleet orders could achieve in excess of $72 million for a one mine.

Other varieties of predicted profits for the company include things like:

●          recurring revenue from tread alternative

●          licensing and royalty agreements

●          other apps this kind of as vehicles, buses, trucks, armed service, bicycles, wheelchairs, and lots of


GACW will also launch future operational assessments with a drum crusher for 3 months commencing this thirty day period on an open up pit mine place in Chile, and with a CAT 994 front-close loader for 3 months starting off October 2022 on an open pit mine site in Australia’s Pilbara place.

“At this point, our strategy is to develop our distribution network and definitely commence having the OTR industry by storm,” Kemeny mentioned. “GACW’s target is catering to the need from miners looking for viable tire remedies, and it is a sizeable market for us. Nevertheless, the ASW know-how can be utilized to all verticals the place conventional rubber tires are employed, and this market place is immense. Our wheels are attaining the traction we need to thrust us into the major current market.”

He extra that the global OTR tire market is believed to access $30 billion in 2022. The general international tire market is predicted to reach $322 billion by 2022 with a projected CAGR of 8.4%.

GACW has also established an expert board of directors and formed a initial-course advisory board.

GACW’s wheel technological innovation has been analyzed in true-world circumstances, and the company has been acquiring the ASW for OTR mining automobiles considering the fact that 2016. The firm’s ASW was trialed at a gold mine web-site in South Africa in 2016, and just before Covid-19 hit, the most recent edition of the wheels was efficiently examined in 2019 and 2020 at a gold mine in the U.S.

“Outside of these really serious environmental and price range problems, off-the-street mining tires represent a substantial safety dilemma for routine maintenance crews thanks to opportunity explosions from overheating, improper inflation or set up, and lightning strikes. Mining organizations are compelled to use ‘Band-Aid’ remedies such as patch-up repairs, tire tension checking, tire retreading, tire cooling methods, and tire rotation to lengthen the tire’s beneficial lifestyle. One 13,000-pound OTR mining tire can charge around $75,000 and only lasts six to 9 months. That is a massive expenditure for a product that does not previous,” Kemeny stated.

It was whilst doing work in Germany with a significant motor vehicle maker that Kemeny was inspired to develop a new sort of wheel. He recognized by his do the job that the physics behind the classic rubber tire is considerably from perfect. He set down his 1st notion for the ASW on a serviette in June 2011. Just after a number of a long time of “screening in the kitchen area” and attaining the initially patent, the prototype for a mining vehicle was created in 2016.

His company has teamed up with specialists in the industry of suspension, steel production, cylinders, and treads, and capabilities more than 200 decades of put together engineering experience.

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