May 20, 2024


Future Depends on What You Do

Household Committee on Electricity and Commerce

Washington, D.C. — Subcommittee on Communications and Technological know-how Chair Bob Latta (R-OH) sent the following opening statement at today’s subcommittee hearing titled “Defending America’s Wireless Leadership.”

Excerpts and highlights down below:

SPECTRUM Coverage IS Critical

“What we are talking about these days impacts Americans in each individual part of our country, and appropriately managing our nation’s spectrum resources is an critical responsibility.

“These community means gasoline our economic system, help communications products and services, and electricity essential federal missions.

“As technological know-how develops, it is essential that spectrum coverage keeps tempo and successfully maximizes the use of these finite methods by unleashing innovation and preserving our countrywide stability.

“Over the past year, this committee worked to enhance U.S. spectrum policy.

“Last Congress, I co-led the Spectrum Innovation Act to speed up professional obtain to the lower three gigahertz band and extend the FCC’s spectrum auction authority.

“This array of frequencies is prime midband spectrum that will improve mobile broadband speeds.

“The laws bundled a evaluate championed by Mr. Guthrie that would modernize our federal spectrum management approach by developing an incumbent informing functionality at NTIA to increase industrial accessibility to federal frequencies.

“Last 7 days, the House passed Chair Rodgers’ laws to increase the FCC’s auction authority to May 19.

“Unfortunately, the Senate failed to pass equally the Spectrum Innovation Act and Chair Rodgers’ extension evaluate.

“We must now operate immediately to agree on a extensive-term extension of spectrum auction authority that preserves Congressional oversight of spectrum coverage and directs auction proceeds to lessen the deficit and fund critical initiatives.

“I appear forward to keep on working on this essential challenge.”

Good SPECTRUM Procedures Advantage OUR Economic climate

“It’s also vital to be aware that superior spectrum policy is fantastic for our economy.

“Our management in 4G included billions to our GDP, produced tens of countless numbers of new jobs, and led to the progress of the application economic system.

“Leading the environment in potential generations of wireless services ensures higher expense in upcoming generation technologies.

“This implies we will have much more work and advancement chances suitable listed here in the United States.

“But the financial advantages do not finish there.

“Auctioning spectrum resources also yields important monetary advantages.

“Recent FCC auctions have netted more than $100 billion dollars for the U.S. Treasury—money that can be applied to reduce our nation’s deficit and fund important priorities.

“In addition to generating much more certified spectrum obtainable, we have to also glance for options to make unlicensed spectrum available.

“The majority of American Internet utilization occurs indoors, and the use of unlicensed spectrum, these kinds of as Wi-Fi, plays a crucial role in supplying connectivity for households and enterprises.

“One report estimates that unlicensed spectrum generates more than $95 billion pounds for each 12 months in the related technologies industry.”

SPECTRUM Insurance policies ARE Critical FOR Nationwide Protection

“Good spectrum coverage is not only vital for our financial state, but it is crucial for American economic and national security.

“American leadership on spectrum coverage can guide to the non-public sector placing engineering standards that reward American technological leadership.

“It indicates reliable firms can develop economies of scale, build employment, and guarantee that the technologies of the upcoming advertise American values and priorities.

“As we create our spectrum plan, we will need to maintain a number of principles in head.

“First, we need to have a balanced method involving certified and unlicensed makes use of of spectrum.

“Both certified and unlicensed spectrum are crucial to bolstering U.S. technological management, and each individual supplies economic advantages for the American community.

“Next, we have to have to be certain we are utilizing every single resource at our disposal to make spectrum obtainable for commercial use.

“Advances in technological know-how have designed spectrum sharing more possible, which will come to be a lot more vital as the process for figuring out bands for auctioned, special use turns into additional complicated, prolonged, and high-priced.

“Finally, we need to restore rely on in the interagency spectrum coordination system.

“While federal missions ought to be protected, the government branch will have to talk with one, unified voice so that spectrum administration decisions are not termed into dilemma.

“As we look to extend spectrum auction authority and establish our spectrum plan, we will need to make sure that all stakeholders are included early in the process and that when decisions are manufactured, organizations respect those selections.”