December 4, 2023


Future Depends on What You Do

Dear Kiantha: Technology’s benefits outweigh its frustrations

Expensive Kiantha,

Know-how is a filthy term if you cannot continue to keep up with it. There is an app for this and a single for that. The times of using your cellphone to make emergency calls are in excess of, now you can hardly see someone’s encounter due to the fact everybody has a cellphone trapped to it, each individual moment of the day.

I have a appreciate/hate (largely detest) romantic relationship with engineering. Am I the only a single?

Pricey close friend,

I am the previous president of the technology enjoy/loathe partnership club so you are definitely not the only 1.

I realize just what you are experience about know-how. I am fairly certain I devote at minimum 15 minutes a working day striving to figure out which password goes with which on the web account.

I went into a chain retail store the other day and to my surprise and annoyance there was not a single single cashier to examine shoppers out.

Every thing had been changed to self-checkout all for the reason that of technology and all its wizardry.

It took me five entire minutes to figure out the place to insert my payment which took place to be hard cash.

Lifetime seemed so a great deal simpler with considerably less engineering.

I overlook the moments when I could select up the telephone, connect with a company’s shopper services amount and get an real human as an alternative of a prompt to thrust a number to only be transferred to a further selection to thrust a different number.

After contemplating about technological innovation and my struggles with it much more deeply, I understand the problem for me is not basically the technologies itself instead, it is my aversion to obtaining to do all the work myself and learning more futuristic methods of shifting by the environment.

I want an individual to verify me out at a retailer. I want anyone to reply my contact when I have an problem. In real truth, I thought I missed the ease of a environment with fewer technological know-how, that is right until I understood all the points technological know-how does for me day-to-day and all that technology does for individuals who are in different ways abled.

I can use FaceTime to check out my grandchildren as they just take their first actions from 300 miles away. Since of know-how, I can do items like signal documents electronically, have telehealth appointments, watch my household whilst I am away and be existing in meetings that are going on all around the nation.

Does technology improve rapidly? Indeed, it does. Am I annoyed when I get flustered or ignore a password or log in? Of course, I am. Nevertheless, the added benefits to me and for some others significantly outweigh the troubles.

Accepting that technological know-how is here to remain suggests leaning into it. Trust me, know-how, and the use of sites like Google and YouTube, are pathways to anything at all we can maybe visualize.

Soul to Soul,


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